About Us

About Us

Whether you're looking for an upcoming birthday party for your dream wedding cake or a custom cake creation, cakes or cupcakes, or just a few pastries for an after-dinner dessert, we're the place to go. Our talented bakers and cake designers are truly one of a kind and we make some of the finest cakes, pastries, and cupcakes you will find today, using top-notch ingredients.
We aspire to please every customer here at New Indore Bakery and pour our hearts and souls into everything we do.

Why New Indore Bakery?

This is a place where you get a wide selection of wonderful, rich cakes & pastries for every occasion. To help make your celebration even more special, we aim to serve the most creative and mouth-watering cakes! Choose a style you like and then choose between delicious flavors. You can then sit back and relax and expect a beautiful cake to arrive at your desired location, on the date and time you want.

Services We offer

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